Cycle of Production

Automatic machine for the packaging of seeds into prepackaging holders. It picks up and closes the holders, meters the seeds, prints the request data. It works every kind of seeds: vegetables, pulse, grass and fodder. Wide storage warehouse both loose and packed seeds. Machine fitted to fill/seal heatsealable prefabricated sachets. Series of packing machines; they can work both in couple and separately, according to the kind of work.

Sipas Packaging confezioni Sipas Packaging tecnologia Sipas Packaging confezionamento

Series of packaging automatic machinery for the filling up of paper bags, heatsalable and prepacking. Plant with metaldetector, brand, automatic counter group. Besides it has different volumetric meters, and slide meters for every size of seeds. It is provided with a dehumidifier to keep the required humidity rate in the room where the seed-safe sachets are packed.



S.I.P.A.S. Packaging is the first company in Italy which provides the large group of national and foreign companies operating in the seed sector, a full range of packaging systems using high technology machines, which guarantee maximum precision of execution.

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