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S.I.P.A.S. Packaging has been costituted in the 1987 and she has like I sweep the manufacture of the seeds for account (TERZI), at the end of reach meaningful volumes, and power face the market with quality and prices more and more competitive.

S.I.P.A.S. Packaging is the first company in Italy that places, at the large number of Italian and foreign companies, operating in the seed field, a complete range of plants for packaging, using highly technological machinery, wich guarantee the maximum precision of execution.

Our Services

S.I.P.A.S. Packaging carries on its activity in wide premises which permit the storage of seeds in optimal room conditions, as well as the storage of enve lopes, carton boxes, tins and packing in general. This permits the production planning, carried out by a skilled and responsible staff, willing to meet costumers requirements.
S.I.P.A.S. Packaging is situated in a favourable geographic area where the major producing seed companies and some of the biggest graphic art companies, suppliers of empty packaging, are concentrated. It rapresent, therefore, a convenient interlace between seeds and empty packaging.
At the request of its customers, S.I.P.A.S. Packaging can be supplied with the seeds of the best quality, that will be use for packaging.
Moreover S.I.P.A.S. Packaging can supply its costumers with items packed in different typology and sizes giving, in this way to the purchaser company the possibility to take of production costs and considerable investment. S.I.P.A.S. offers seriousness, professionalism to the service of seed production.

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