The group's companies

Suba Seeds Company S.r.l

The Group SUBA, has its origins in its founder, Augusto Suzzi, in his strength of will and intuition in business as well as a deep passion for his craft.
Born in Cesena in 1947 to a peasant family, Augusto began working at a very young age in seeds first as a worker at the company Maraldi in Cesena, then at the company Zavatta, where he began visiting the camps and to sell crops.

Married to Laura in 1968, still at a very young age, leaves the field to fulfill the military service.

In the early seventies, decided to act as an intermediary for the placement of the seed crops in Romagna on behalf of the Italian seed companies more time.

Stronger than 40 years of experience and passion for their work, the Group's mission now is to establish investment, organization and human capital, its success factors.

Hortus Sementi S.r.l.

In 1992, HORTUS srl, the Group’s Commercial arm, was established for the distribution of seeds under its own brand, with offices in the building adjacent to SIPAS Packaging, in order to optimise the production process.
HORTUS immediately started to develop its own brand, OrtoVivo, and its own sales network.

After the start-up period, HORTUS embarked on a consolidation path by acquiring the Zorzi brand in the year 2000.

Augusto bought this brand with a sense of pride and gratefulness, for the purpose of keeping up its good standing and preserving the image of the company which provided him with the first “golden opportunity”.

Thanks to the Zorzi brand acquisition, Hortus managed to expand its Italian market and to significantly increase its activities abroad.

Suba France S.a.r.l.

SUBA has been expanding its seed production range and decided to plant crops also in other parts of the world, in order to differentiate the production areas, to reduce climate-related risks and to optimise prices. The crops planted in France are increasing by the year.

For this reason, together with his French partners, Augusto decided to establish a production company: in 2005, SUBA FRANCE was established with a view to increasing and consolidating its capacity and to have a production platform in central Europe.

The headquarters of SUBA FRANCE are in Nogaro, in the Gers and Gascoigne area, in the south-west of France; it operates through a factory covering about 5,000 m2 and developing about 3000 hectares in various areas of France.

Royal Seeds S.r.l.

By 2008 the SUBA Group was well diversified and positioned both as regards distribution with Hortus, in Italy and abroad, and on the production market, in Italy with SUBA and abroad with SUBA&UNICO s.r.l.

In order to acquire new market shares, Augusto therefore decided to take over the prestigious brand ROYAL SLUIS GARDEN from Monsanto establishing ROYAL SEEDS srl, the company which distributes the RSG brand as well as its own - ROYAL SEEDS - specializing in the semi-professional sector.

Suba alimentare S.r.l.

In 2011 the management decided to take over a company branch which was experiencing financial trouble operating in a sector other than the seed industry.

It was a good opportunity to further diversify its business and to enter a totally new sector, the food industry.

This is how SUBA Alimentare was established, the latest achievement of a successful entrepreneur.